Aurora Tree Service

Aurora Tree Service

Aurora is home to the most lush and abundant tree canopy in all of GTA. Mother Nature provides the shady spots, clean air and natural surroundings that make this place home. But she can’t do it alone. Aurora tree service, tree removal, tree planting, tree pruning and more are necessary for maintaining this beautiful ecosystem. 

Types of Aurora Tree Service Offered by Nature’s Shade

Nature’s Shade is a Canadian tree care services provider, offering a wide range of tree services in Aurora.

If a tree on your property is diseased, dying or dead; has become a threat due to overgrowth; will interfere with construction…Nature’s Shade will discuss all of your Aurora tree service options. If tree removal is decided upon, it will be completed with safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Tall twenty eight foot pine tree fallen on side of house

Not sure if a tree is safe? Is it interfering with neighboring properties? Will it get in the way of upcoming construction? We’ll conduct an expert inspection and answer all your questions. Next, we’ll develop a strategy for the Aurora tree service or removal that works for you, your neighbors and your future plans.

The town of Aurora is highly protective of its trees, including those growing on private property. For this reason, the Private Tree Protection Bylaw has been established. If an Aurora tree removal permit is required, we will obtain it.

Contact Nature’s Shade today for a no-cost Aurora tree removal quote.

You wake up to find that a tree has crashed through your car, your fence, your porch…what do you do? First, we hope everyone is okay. Next, call Nature’s Shade and one of our expert Aurora tree service arborists will arrive to assess the situation.

Whether a portion of the tree or the entire tree needs to be removed, we’ll get the emergency Aurora tree removal job done safely and effectively—even in high-risk situations. 

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Where trees are concerned, Aurora is the greenest of all municipalities in GTA. That’s no accident, and at Nature’s Shade, we strive to keep it that way with our Aurora tree service.

Tiny green tree seedling transported using 2 hands

Whenever a tree is removed, it is our duty—as guardians of nature and our community—to replace it. But not just any tree will do. The professional arborists at Nature’s Shade will help you choose the plants and shrubs that will flourish in your location, with its specific sunlight situation and with your soil’s nutrients. 

This is how we give back to Mother Nature. We expertly place and plant trees that will thrive for generations to come, while adding beauty and value to your property. We give birds and wildlife new and growing habitats that produce oxygen, increase curb appeal and provide wind barriers.

Have you recently had trees removed? Or are you thinking of adding new trees or shrubs to your landscape? Contact Nature’s Shade for a no-cost estimate for tree planting (Aurora) today.

The regular pruning of trees has countless benefits, and should be done before disease sets in or an accident takes place. 

Pruning techniques are specific to different types of trees and shrubs. Each is aimed at health and proper growth. When dead branches are removed, new growth is encouraged. 

Pruning increases air circulation and light penetration. Reduced strain on the tree enhances the integrity of its structure—making it less likely that branches, or the entire tree, will fall.

Pruning is also necessary when nearby structures need protecting, or when you simply want to enhance the beauty of the trees and shrubs on your property.

Do you own a tree with dead branches? That dead material could threaten the health of the tree and the safety of everyone below it. Or would you like to preserve the health of your trees and shrubs with regular pruning? And add to the aesthetics of your home or business? 

Contact us today for tree pruning (Aurora) or any other type of Aurora tree service.

After a tree is removed, a stump remains. What to do with that stump?

Large pine tree fall with a view of the pine inner core
Emergency Aurora Tree Service any Day or Night

Tree stumps can detract from a home’s curb appeal. They can become safety hazards and obstructions when mowing. Fungi and root rot can set in, and they can get in the way of other projects. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to replace that stump with smooth ground? Or to create a fertile bed where another tree can be planted?  

Our skilled stump removal technicians are equipped with stump grinders that will shear that stump and roots up to two feet below your lawn’s surface.  

Tired of looking at that tree stump? Need stump removal in Aurora? Contact us for a free estimate today.

Do you have unwanted brush lying around your property? Or are you planning on tree trimming or tree removal in Aurora? 

Our wood-chipping service will make quick work of all those unwanted branches. We will haul those chips away, or leave them with you to use as mulch. Those wood chips will offer sustainable, natural weed control, erosion control and moisture retention for your flower beds and gardens.

Would you like us to chip those branches and brush? Nature’s Shade wood chipping in Aurora is only a call away.

Sometimes, a tree can be damaged by a storm, leaving it unstable but in good health. Other trees may grow with defects that impact their stability. Environmental conditions like snow and ice may weaken a tree and make it more likely to fail. 

These are just some of the reasons a tree may need cables and braces to help it maintain stability. You might notice that a tree is starting to lean. This could mean that it’s become unrooted—but it doesn’t necessarily mean it must be removed. 

An unstable tree is an unsafe tree. If you have a tree that’s leaning or has been damaged, one of our arborists can determine if the tree is in good health and if it can be saved with some artificial support. Attending to the problem will save more costly and possibly devastating problems in the near future.

Call Nature’s Shade today, to find out if Aurora tree cabling and bracing will help to keep that tree upright, stable and safe.

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