Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning should be scheduled every year to enhance your garden. There is a lot more to shrub pruning than just clipping back branches, so contact us to have an expert come and create a solution for all your shrub needs.

What are shrubs?

Everyone knows what flowers are. And definitely trees. But in between these two categories are shrubs. Shrubs are woody plants that retain their leaves year-round or have leaves that fall every year. They can have flowers that bloom or not. Shrubs are larger than flowers and smaller than trees, but this varies greatly among varieties.

Reasons to prune shrubs

Removes diseased branches

Hidden among your bushy shrub may be some diseased branches. If you let your shrub grow for years without any maintenance or care, you may not notice the weak links. And, if one branch is infected, this can spread to other branches. Regular maintenance involves catching this issue and saving the entire shrub with a bit of pruning.

Removes crossed branches

Similar to tree pruning, shrubs can have branches that cross each other, thus weakening the structural integrity of the bush. By catching this issue early, you can direct the branches to proper growth. You can also open up the space and allow structural limbs in your shrub to have the necessary room to grow properly.

Maintains shape

Tall shrubs are excellent substitutes for fences between neighbours. Smaller shrubs are great for borders. However, if shrub pruning doesn’t take place on a regular basis, their shapes can quickly become unruly. Proper maintenance allows your shrubs to maintain their ideal shape, leading to a much nicer element of your garden to admire.

Restricts size

Unpruned shrubs can quickly become so tall as to obstruct your gorgeous views. They can also grow too close to your home or even your driveway. Shrubs need regular pruning so that they maintain their original purpose and don’t become an annoyance.

Lets in more light

Shrubs are an excellent source of shade. They can help cool your yard down and provide more space to enjoy a hot, summer’s day. However, tall, bushy shrubs can minimize light. If your backyard suddenly feels dark and closed-in, it may be time to prune your shrubs. Letting more light in takes more care than just cutting off the tops. Rather, experts are needed to ensure the structural integrity of your shrub while still thinning it.

Promotes flower growth

When you prune a shrub’s branches, you can inspire growth spurs to form. These will turn into buds, leading to more flowers on your shrubs. You may think it counterintuitive to cut back a shrub in order to make it grow more. However, flowers on a shrub only grow on the outside. Too much older, dead branches suck the nutrients from new buds, leading to less growth.


There are different types of shrubs that are best pruned at different parts of the year. For example, evergreens should be pruned in June so as to not cut into the old growth that then won’t grow again. When in doubt, contact an expert tree specialist. They will come, inspect your shrubs and come up with a plan for shrub maintenance.

While you may be tempted to take your shears and go to town on an overgrown shrub, there is a proper way to cut branches. The cuts should be made on an angle, but not too severe. The cuts should also be a proper distance away from a new growth shoot. Sound confusing? That’s why it’s always recommended to have tree experts prune your shrubs.

Before you give up and start digging out your shrub, take heart because there is a way to bring it back to its former glory. The unfortunate part is that it will take time. Shrubs can’t be cut fully back because the woodier inner branches won’t grow again. Instead, you need to thin your shrub expertly, removing the old wood over time. This can take two to three years. However, if the shrub is mature and special to your heart, this investment in time is worth it.

This is a very common question. Shrubs last for a long time so if you’ve moved into a new home, chances are there are some existing shrubs that a previous owner has planted. If you don’t know what it is, take a clipping and bring it in to your local gardening center. There are also new plant identifying apps you can try or online groups that may be able to help you. 


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