Tree & Shrub Planting

We feel it is important to replace trees that have been removed. Nature's Shade Tree Care offers planting services that will add value and beauty to your landscape while giving back to the environment. We will work with you to help you choose the right plant material and proper planting location.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

The practice of pruning is integral to the health, safety and proper growth of trees and shrubs. Annual pruning by our tree experts is plant specific and will achieve the following through selective pruning:

- Remove dead or diseased branches, encouraging new growth.

- Thin canopies to increase air circulation, light penetration, and reduce strain increasing structural integrity.

- Clear branches away from roofs, houses, and other structures.

- Enhance appearance adding to the value of landscaping.

Cabling & Bracing

Trees can naturally have structural defects, such as poorly attached unions, splits or decayed limbs. Environmental effects from wind, heavy snow, and ice can increase the dynamic load on the tree and its defects causing it to fail. Artificial support systems such as cabling and bracing can aid in keeping the tree structural integrity sound and safe.

Tree Removal

Tree preservation is top priority, but in some cases trees need to be removed due to:

- Tree is dead, dying, or diseased.
- Risk of failing or has failed.
- Overgrowth; becoming a risk to nearby structures.
- Interference with future development or construction.

Trees should only be removed when necessary. We will work with you to explore all options before deciding on complete removal. Removing trees can be very dangerous work. Nature's Shade Tree Care will use the safest and most productive methods to remove your tree.

Stump Removal & Wood Chipping

Do you have unwanted brush?

Nature's Shade Tree Care offers wood-chipping services. We can leave the wood-chips on site for mulch in gardens assisting with weed control, moisture and soil retention or we can dispose of unwanted wood-chips.

We also offer stump grinding services. We can remove unwanted stumps allowing for planting of new trees and shrubs, construction projects, or simply to enhance the properties appearance.