Tree Planting

Looking for a way to change your landscape? How about a chance to breathe easier? Or maybe you want to start saving the planet? Tree planting is the way forward. There are many reasons to plant new trees, both for homes and businesses.

Benefits of tree planting for homes

Removes air pollution

We can’t repeat this often enough. Trees do all the dirty work so you can breathe easier. Whether you’re on a rural property or an urban plot, trees will make the air around you much cleaner. Trees really are a gift to yourself as they remove toxins from the air and let you take cleaner, deeper breaths.

Provides shade

While summer is a fantastic season, those hot days can quickly become unbearable without shade. Trees are the fullest in summer and their vast network of limbs and leaves will give you a much needed break from the sun. When thinking about shade trees, think about where the sun is. If you can, plant trees in the eastern part of your yard to shade you in the morning and in the western part of your yard to shade you in the evening.


Natures Shade Tree Care - Tree and shrub planting with trees ready to be planted lined up side by side on the grass

Creates a nice visual

Homes without trees look a little off. You may not know what’s odd about them until you realize they have no trees. This is especially true of new subdivisions where new trees haven’t had a chance to mature yet. Trees give your yard depth. They fill in vertical space and make your house feel like a home.

Saves you money

When you have natural shade over your home, you actually use less air conditioning in the summer. Trees also protect wind from getting through gaps, further saving you money on heating in the winter. While you want to monitor any trees that hang over your home, healthy, stable trees can save you on energy costs.

Increases curb appeal

At some point you will want to move and when you do, the subject of curb appeal will come up. Plan for this eventuality by planting trees in your yard now. Trees are welcoming. They show that your home is loving and caring. Trees show that you have invested in your home, which will make other people want to buy it.

Benefits of tree planting for businesses

Reduces glare

Because trees provide vast amounts of shade, there is less glare both for drivers and pedestrians. Walking under a row of trees means pedestrians can walk without having to squint as the sun reflects off the white sidewalk. Even drivers can see better if there is a canopy of branches to filter out the sun’s rays.

Removes air pollution

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Most businesses are located next to busy roads or highways, where cars and trucks constantly release toxins into the atmosphere. Having trees outside your business is just one way that you can make the world a better place.

Removes noise pollution

Trees act as a natural sound barrier. If your business is close to a busy road, a line of trees can easily act to dampen the noise coming from heavy traffic. There are many businesses that would benefit from quieter surroundings.

If you own a restaurant, planting trees means you can have a patio, even if you are near a busy street. Even offices will help reduce stress for their employees if they aren’t inundated with the roar of traffic as they’re trying to focus on their tasks.

Increases privacy

Mature trees can add a lot of privacy to any business. If you’re open to the public and don’t want your customers to feel exposed, having a line of trees can make the space feel more intimate. If you have an office building, a grove of trees can make an instant break area, providing a bit of sanctuary for anyone on their lunch break.


Before you jump in and start planning what types of trees you want to plant, speak to an expert. They will tell you what trees grow best in your region. They will also tell you about potential problems with larger, mature trees.

Again, this is why experts should be involved in the tree planting process. Generally, small trees should be planted 10 feet away from your home, medium trees 15 feet away, and large trees 20 feet away.

Before planning your new trees, think about what is underground. Are there any gas lines, sewer lines, or sprinkling systems? Those who live in Ontario can call this number to find out if there is a gas line. You can also check with neighbours and city planners if you’re unsure about anything else hidden below.


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